The Founders

The people building MedHyve since 2017

Nigel Lirio

Chief Executive Officer

Nigel is the next generation of a multi-generational family of doctors and hospital managers. He’s been involved in the operations of the hospitals his family owns since he was in high school. 

His deep experience in hospitals is what allows us to completely understand their problems and create powerful solutions 

Gabriel Lopez

Chief Technology Officer

Gab is ex-Microsoft and the brains behind the tech. He’s worked for various companies as a full-stack engineer who’s built various web & mobile apps, cloud infrastructure, data engineering pipelines, and AI/ML models

His deep experience in tech is what allows us to create performant and scalable technologies and powerful solutions

Elle Quan

Chief Marketing Officer

Elle is Asia’s recognized go-to-manger for healthcare and tech events. She has ran marketing teams for some of the biggest events in Asia and she’s built relationships with international suppliers of pharma, medical device, and biotech products.

Her deep experiences and relationships are what allow us to tap the international market and grow MedHyve at blazing speeds