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Digital procurement platform to strengthen reach of J&J Products through leading medical distributor in the Philippines. (Manila, 11 March 2021) MedHyve announced its partnership with Patient Care Corporation (PCC) and Johnson & Johnson Ethicon to improve access of quality medical supplies to hospitals, a first of its kind collaboration in the Philippines. Some of the most disenfranchised groups in the medical community brought about by the lockdowns are smaller private hospitals and clinics. With medical representatives unable to reach provincial locations, this group struggled to replenish dwindling medical supplies during the government-mandated lockdowns. To solve this, global healthcare company Johnson & Johnson Ethicon partnered with technology company MedHyve and local distributor Patient Care Corporation (PCC) to democratize medical supplies procurement, raising the efficiencies of smaller hospitals and clinics. This will help healthcare providers to focus more on providing quality healthcare to patients – a critical need particularly during a pandemic.  …

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