MedHyve Co-Founder Featured at Global Women Who Rule

MedHyve Co-Founder Featured at Global Women Who Rule

The past year has been momentous for Filipinas, gaining high recognition in two (2) global fields. The Philippines’ first Olympic gold, won by Hidilyn Diaz showed how women excel and can display their physical prowess on the global stage.

And the Philippine’s first Nobel laureate, Maria Ressa, earned the Peace prize for her efforts in independent journalism. Both were presented with unique hurdles along the way, as women, and both endured and achieved their personal triumphs, as women. Turning things around, in ways only they can, in a society that is, unfortunately, still not used to seeing women come out on top.

Global Women Who Rule (GWWR) by The New Channel provides unique experiences, insights, struggles, and success stories of women from all sorts of places and all walks of life.

One of the key points emphasized in the event is the importance and impact of going digital, and how it has transformed the way women converse, disseminate, and consume information.

The organizers aim for everyone to be inspired, motivated, and guided with the sharing of the women leaders coming from diverse and exceptional backgrounds.

“To be included in a power list of women who’ve made a beautiful impact on their respective fields, is truly an honour,” says Elle Quan.

Healthtech Startup MedHyve is among the Philippine startups with women co-founders. MedHyve serves as healthcare institutions’ partner in digital medical procurement, helping hospitals get access to high-quality medical supplies and equipment.

MedHyve’s online medical market space serves as a gateway connecting suppliers and healthcare buyers. It aims to provide cost-effective means to allow hospital procurement teams to search, canvass, and purchase medical supplies and equipment on the website. On top of this, MedHyve also helps hospitals with vendor sourcing, verification, and accreditation. The platform was designed with cost reduction and efficiency in mind, without sacrificing security and quality.

MedHyve co-founder Elle Quan’s stories, experiences, and lessons will be shared at the GWWR Summit to be held this 26th of March 2022, Saturday, streamed live on the The New Channel’s Facebook page and YouTube channels.

For more stories, visit news.medhyve.com.

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