Daily Archives: March 23, 2022

Among 50 applications and 12 finalists across the Southeast Asian region, MedHyve reigned supreme as the grand winner of the Access to Health Pitch Competition. The competition was hosted by TechShake and Merck, in partnership with Brainsparks, Schoolab, and Indogen Capital!  The Access to Health Pitch Competition aims to champion health startups in the Southeast Asia region that offer innovative solutions to gaps in healthcare systems. The competition aims to address patient access in areas such as disease awareness, diagnosis, patient accessibility, treatment, patient screening, and supply. Curiosity drives our company to discover new things, to achieve new scientific insights and breakthroughs to create, prolong and improve lives of patients. I am proud to be part of this project which aims to expand the access to healthcare within the Asia-Pacific region so we can help more patients and deliver our purpose. Liz Henderson, Merck Regional Vice President of Asia-Pacific Region …

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