Pinay #LadyBoss: MedHyve CMO Talks About Leadership, Women in Tech, and New Book

Pinay #LadyBoss: MedHyve CMO Talks About Leadership, Women in Tech, and New Book

Many of the most important scientific advances, tech innovations, films, artworks, music, and powerful political and social movements throughout history were driven by women.

While we believe women should be celebrated every day, we thought it would be nice to join the rest of the world in honouring women’s successes and contributions this Women’s History Month.

In this story, we speak to our very own CMO Elle Quan as she shares her personal inspiration, insights, and experiences being a woman in tech. From organizing some of Asia’s biggest healthcare events to revolutionizing medical procurement through tech, this is Elle’s journey as a Pinay #LadyBoss:

Q: As a female leader, what leadership lessons have you learnt over the course of your career? 

A: People matter. You can have the biggest brand, most well-funded team, most advanced tech –  but it takes people in a safe, collaborative, empowering, dynamic environment to make big, sustainable strides in growth.

Q: We’d like you to name a woman who’s inspired you.

A: There’s this woman in the bible named Jael who I think is so cool. She was a seemingly ordinary character in the background, who at the right time stepped up and did the unthinkable. She was able to draw the enemy to her with kindness and generosity. She was so chill in the end, effortlessly bringing victory. You should read about her story!

Q: What advice would you give to women entering the tech field? Anything you wish you had known?

A: Find out your ‘big why’. What’s your reason for entering the tech field? If that’s to get out of poverty, empower other women, change society’s indifference, or eradicate inequality – it’s your ‘big why’ that will propel you through days filled with frustration, rejection, or failure.

Q: You’re fondly referred to as Asia’s go-to person for Healthcare events, can you tell us more about that?

A: I’ve been organizing International B2B conferences in Healthcare for quite some time now. I need to be updated on trends and connected to industry thought-leaders. It’s my natural curiosity and love for networking that make what I do fun. It’s a balance of strategic thinking while having an eye for detail. It’s also this exposure that led me to identify the problem of developing markets when it comes to the procurement of medical supplies. This key function has not been touched by technology. Knowing that technology can easily solve these problems, MedHyve, the Philippines ’ first B2B medical market space, was born.

Q: You mentioned MedHyve, can you tell our readers more about what the company does?

A: When we started building MedHyve, we found medical procurement processes in developing markets to be largely inefficient. Since then, we made it our mission to change the face of healthcare through smart medical procurement.

MedHyve serves as healthcare institutions’ partner in digital medical procurement. We help hundreds of hospitals get access to high-quality medical supplies and equipment.

Our online medical market space serves as a gateway connecting suppliers and healthcare buyers. We aim to provide cost-effective means to allow hospital procurement teams to search, canvass, and purchase medical supplies and equipment on our website. On top of this, we also help hospitals with vendor sourcing, verification, and accreditation. The platform was designed with cost reduction and efficiency in mind, without sacrificing security and quality.

Our work has been validated, with a number of recognitions under our belt. We were hailed champion of ARISE Startup Competition, are a pioneer grantee of DOST-PCHRD, and just recently won Merck Group and TechShake’s pitch competition.

And we’re just getting started. Every day our team works hard to get us closer to our vision!

Q: Now tell us about your book!

A: I’m very excited to share that I’m part of a book collaboration that features empowering stories, real-life struggles, and successes of amazing women, self-made Filipinas who have conquered different industries and advocacies. Pinay Lady Boss is an exceptional collaboration among lady CEOs, Founders, entrepreneurs who are influencers in various fields including blockchain, politics, finance and more. The book is a fundraiser for the education and livelihood of abused women and teenage moms in the Philippines.

Q: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

A: Dream big, never be afraid to fail and celebrate every success.

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