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Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have observed the prescribed protocols and guidelines from the World Health Organization, CDC, and their respective governments to keep themselves prepared and protected at home from the coronavirus. Stocking on healthcare products and devices and following proper disinfecting measures have been standard practice. However, as cases continue to rise there are medical devices that have continued to gain more importance outside of hospitals and within households – including the pulse oximeter. What is a pulse oximeter? According to the World Health Organization [1], the pulse oximeter is a small electronic device that can either be a finger/toe clip unit. It has a monitor that displays the level of saturation of oxygen (Sp02) and the pulse rate of the heart. The device painlessly and accurately measures through the use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and light detectors to detect pulsatile signals in a person’s…

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Singapore-headquartered start-up MedHyve – a B2B digital platform that empowers small and medium private hospitals and clinics in developing markets with intelligent procurement tools – has raised $407,500 in pre-seed investment round co-led by Silicon Valley global venture capital firm Pegasus Tech Ventures and Foxmont Capital Partners. Also participating in this fundraising round are former Lazada and Alibaba executives from 10K Ventures. These new funds will be used to strengthen MedHyve’s operations and technology offering to make medical supplies procurement in growth markets, like its pilot market in the Philippines, more efficient and cost-effective. Revolutionizing Medical Procurement Founded in 2019, MedHyve works to harness the power of technology and make high-quality medical supplies and equipment accessible to more medical institutions, consequently improving healthcare in developing economies. Artificial intelligence (AI) embedded into the platform provides smart procurement tools that provide medical institutions with much-needed procurement expertise. “The investment will allow us…

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