MedHyve welcomes Medical Depot as a Strategic Partner

MedHyve welcomes Medical Depot as a Strategic Partner

MedHyve is pleased to announce that in December 2021 they entered into a new partnership to harness its AI-powered procurement solution and make Medical Depot’s hospital-grade medical equipment accessible to more medical institutions.

With rapid technological advancement, the healthcare industry now recognizes the need for digital solutions to streamline the medical procurement process. The MedHyve – Medical Depot partnership aims to bring together unparalleled digital innovation to offer world-class medical equipment and supplies.

 AI-powered Procurement

We are always working to provide for our clients the best medical supplies in terms of quality and price. With over 7,000 SKUs, our partnership with Medical Depot will help us provide better options for our hospitals and clinics, Nigel Lirio, CEO of MedHyve, said.

Through combining MedHyve’s AI canvassing and smart product recommendation with Medical Depot’s array of product offerings, this collaboration represents a step towards digitalizing Philippine healthcare procurement with the mission to improve access to medical supplies for healthcare facilities, and consequently, bettering patient care all over the country. 

I’m very excited about Medical Depot’s partnership with Medhyve. This collaboration with Medhyve echoes Medical Depot’s vision and mission in making healthcare affordable for everyone. I give props to Medhyve for pushing innovation in the medical retail industry with their procurement platform, said Rodolfo Medina Jr., CEO of Medical Depot. Medical Depot is always on the lookout for partnerships with businesses that have set their sights on the future, especially and even in these difficult pandemic times.  I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our two businesses.

This new, innovative partnership leverages the respective strengths of MedHyve and Medical Depot to create value for both companies and their respective stakeholders. Most importantly, this partnership strategically aligns the vision of both partners to be innovative leaders in healthcare, doing away from outdated processes in the industry through effective digital solutions.

About MedHyve

MedHyve empowers small to medium hospitals with an online medical marketspace fitted with intelligent procurement tools and dashboards, giving them the same procurement expertise as some of the largest hospitals. 

MedHyve is a digital platform for healthcare institutions to find the right companies for their medical product needs, leveraging on synergies within the network of merchant and medical institutions to introduce innovative healthcare products to developing countries in the region at the right price.

About Medical Depot

Established in 1991, Medical Depot is now a highly recognized player in the medical equipment and supplies industry.  The company has grown from a simple retail business to one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors of high-end medical and healthcare products.

The company established its niche in the medical industry over the years.  

Adapting the digital space advantage, Medical Depot has sought further ground in marketing, importation and distribution – true to its mission of bringing Medical Depot closer to every Filipino.

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