Monthly Archives: December 2021

MedHyve is excited to introduce fellow health-tech startup Dashlabs.ai as its newest partner. Together, the companies will work to forward their shared mission of improving healthcare through data-driven tech solutions.  Digital technology has transformed the face of many industries, including healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted this, shifting healthcare needs and pushing boundaries in innovation. Through this partnership, MedHyve and Dashlabs.ai aim to showcase the power of combining technology and data in shaping the future of healthcare. Technology-powered Healthcare Solutions MedHyve is on a mission to move medical procurement online, improving operational efficiency for local healthcare institutions. Its new partner, Dashlabs.ai, provides end-to-end lab software to empower labs through data. With this new partnership, Dashlabs.ai’s network of labs will get access to thousands of medical supplies and equipment available through MedHyve’s online catalog of products. Partnering with Medhyve is consistent with Dashlabs.ai’s overall vision of Simplifying Healthcare, Bryan Giger, CEO…

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MedHyve is pleased to announce that in December 2021 they entered into a new partnership to harness its AI-powered procurement solution and make Medical Depot’s hospital-grade medical equipment accessible to more medical institutions. With rapid technological advancement, the healthcare industry now recognizes the need for digital solutions to streamline the medical procurement process. The MedHyve – Medical Depot partnership aims to bring together unparalleled digital innovation to offer world-class medical equipment and supplies.  AI-powered Procurement We are always working to provide for our clients the best medical supplies in terms of quality and price. With over 7,000 SKUs, our partnership with Medical Depot will help us provide better options for our hospitals and clinics, Nigel Lirio, CEO of MedHyve, said. Through combining MedHyve’s AI canvassing and smart product recommendation with Medical Depot’s array of product offerings, this collaboration represents a step towards digitalizing Philippine healthcare procurement with the mission to…

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