Catch MedHyve at Philippine Startup Week 2021!

Catch MedHyve at Philippine Startup Week 2021!

MedHyve is thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with @PhilippineStartupWeek, the country’s biggest 5-day startup conference happening ONLINE on November 15 – 19, 2021!

Have you registered yet? Get your FREE #PHSW21 tickets now at bit.ly/attend-phsw21! With the theme ‘Beyond Recovery: Filipino Startups Redefining Opportunity’, PHSW21 is set to showcase the Philippine startup ecosystem as an engine for recovery and long-term growth post-pandemic. Join us as we bring together thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators, keynote speakers, investors, and other relevant stakeholders to celebrate Filipino startups and the various sectors and entities contributing to the growing Philippine startup ecosystem.

Can You Build A Business On Care?

MedHyve’s Community Event titled ‘Can You Build a Business on Care? Healthcare Startups Responding to COVID-19’ features a presentation and discussions on the role of startups in the management of the Covid pandemic in the Philippines. This aims to spark an exchange of insights and experiences on how collaborations have hastened response to the pandemic, and the continued role of healthcare startups in the new normal.

The community event featured a panel discussion composed of notable start-up executives namely: Mr. Bryan Giger the CEO of Dashlabs.ai, Mr. Kevin Dineros the Vice President – Medical of Zennya, Mr. Mike Muin the CEO of MedProjects and our very own Mr. Nigel Lirio the CEO and Co-Founder of MedHyve.

QBO’s Top 100

MedHyve hailed one of QBO’s Top 100 Startups. Catch MedHyve on their Startup Showcase and get to know the hottest high potential and fast-growing Filipino startups to watch in 2021!

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