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Last May 27, 2021 MedHyve commemorated its partnership with global Japanese brand OMRON through an international web discussion. The webinar aimed to spark a dialogue amongst healthcare professionals across Asia regarding medical device innovations that are now becoming more readily accessible to the local market.  E-commerce providers have bridged the barriers in terms of consumer uncertainty, allowing buyers to purchase products with assurance and confidence. E-commerce is now becoming more convenient than before, it will soon be the go-to practice for businesses everywhere. Yusuke Kato, General Manager of OMRON Philippines  Newfound Digital Solutions Telemedicine and smart devices are taking the healthcare space by storm. As the country continues to recover from the Covid-19 virus, medical devices are becoming an integral aspect that contributes to the improvement of diagnosis, rehabilitation and patient care. Through these innovations, hospitals and frontliners across the nation will be able to respond more efficiently to the…

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“Making Medical Procurement Easy.” This is what MedHyve, a Filipino-owned startup focusing on digital procurement, promises to the Filipino people. Seeing how Level 1 and 2 hospitals in provincial areas struggle with complicated and inefficient procurement processes, Mr. Nigel Lirio, chief executive officer of MedHyve, along with Mr. Gabriel Henry Lopez as chief technology officer and Ms. Elle Quan as chief marketing officer, launched the company to offer a platform for simpler and more convenient procurement of medical supplies. The main features of MedHyve include AI canvassing or smart product recommendations for healthcare providers, a digitized procurement process, and direct-to-brand- pricing on the platform. The Pandemic Effect With the pandemic driving industries to transfer most of their operations online, the role of MedHyve in the health industry is further emphasized. Not only does it enable a completely digitized procurement of medical supplies, it is also able to simplify and speed up the…

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