The Rural Healthcare Situation in the Philippines

The Rural Healthcare Situation in the Philippines

Everyone has the right to basic healthcare. Unfortunately, not every Filipino patient gets the healthcare service he deserves. There is a stark difference between healthcare service in a public and private hospital, and those located in urban and rural areas. 

In general, public hospitals cater to more patients, and unfortunately, a lot of public hospitals lack the facilities and manpower to attend to everyone in a timely manner. On the other hand, private health institutions tend to be more consistent. They’re better equipped to be of service, but their service comes at a price. Hence, not every Filipino can afford the services of private hospitals. On top of this, there is a clear divide between the digitalization of public and private health institutions. 

In the same manner, there is a huge difference between hospitals in urban and rural areas. Hospitals in urban areas have more manpower than those located in rural areas, primarily because of their accessibility and better pay. 

The Rural Situation

Rural hospitals are at a disadvantage because their location makes it difficult for them to acquire all the medical supplies and equipment they need. To add to this, they face a challenge in manpower. According to government think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), about 75% of cities and municipalities across the country have insufficient number of healthcare workers.

Plus, a lot of rural hospitals have yet to embrace tools of digitalization, such as the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). A lot of processes are still done manually, which costs a lot of time and resources. Thus, a lot of people residing in rural areas don’t get the healthcare service they need. 

Making Healthcare More Accessible

To help bridge the gaps that prevent rural hospitals from giving patients the healthcare they deserve, we at MedHyve have made it our mission to help hospitals around the country make healthcare more affordable and accessible. 

Our digital platform helps healthcare institutions like you to find the right companies for your medical product needs. We do this by leveraging on synergies with the network of merchant and medical institutions to introduce healthcare products to developing countries in the region at the right price.

Fundamentally, our one-stop shop empowers small to medium hospitals like you with an online medical marketspace fitted with intelligent procurement tools and dashboards, giving you the same procurement expertise as some of the largest hospitals. To add to this, we find ways to make medical supplies and equipment more affordable by connecting you with trustworthy suppliers, and offering payment options that maximize your budget. 

We understand that logistics can be a challenge for you to procure all the medical supplies and equipment you need. That’s why we at MedHyve have partnered with multiple logistics companies to ensure your orders arrive on time, and in excellent condition.

The problems faced by rural hospitals won’t be solved overnight. However, we at MedHyve believe that by working together, we can make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all Filipinos, regardless of where they’re from. Request a quotation from us today to get started.

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