Problems Plaguing the Philippines’ Medical Care

Problems Plaguing the Philippines’ Medical Care

It goes without saying the medical care in the country is far from perfect. Compared to medically advanced countries such as the US, and Singapore, the Philippines face a lot more basic problems that prevent healthcare professionals from giving the best care that they can. Here are some of the problems plaguing the Philippines medical care:

1. Majority of Filipino people lack access to basic healthcare. 

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Even before the pandemic started, 16.7% of Filipinos lived under the poverty line as per Asian Development Bank. Poverty has prevented millions of Filipinos from getting the healthcare services they need. In short, a lot of Filipinos are too poor to go to the hospital and get the treatment they actually need. 

2. There are not enough healthcare workers in the country. 

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75% of cities and municipalities in the country have an insufficient number of healthcare workers, according to the government think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS). A lot of healthcare professionals have opted to move abroad for better career opportunities. Those that do choose to stay in the Philippines are more likely to work in areas where earnings are potentially high and near communities where they were trained.

3. The healthcare industry has not embraced digitalization. 

The healthcare industry has not embraced digitalization. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) said that 99% of healthcare companies in the country still use paper data. The Philippine healthcare system has yet to integrate tools of digitalization such as the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline its processes. Thus, procurement of supplies and the sharing of data has been quite slow across the country. 

4. Provincial hospitals have limited access to medical supplies. 

areas in the Philippines have limited access to medical supplies

It can be challenging for hospitals in rural areas to acquire all the medical equipment and supplies they need to give patients the best care. Hospitals operate with a limited budget, and it’s important for them to acquire excellent quality products for patients. Unfortunately, quality checks and logistics can prolong the procurement process. 

To add to this, hospitals in rural areas face logistical challenges. It can be difficult for them to have products shipped to their facilities. Given that the Philippines is an archipelago, the process of shipping medical supplies can be tedious. 

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To mitigate some of these pressing problems, we at MedHyve have made it our mission to make healthcare more affordable and accessible through more Filipinos. We empower small to medium hospitals with an online medical marketspace fitted with intelligent procurement tools and dashboards, giving them the same procurement expertise as some of the largest hospitals. 

Our one-stop-shop connects you with trustworthy medical suppliers across the country. We at MedHyve leverage on synergies with the network of merchant and medical institutions to introduce healthcare products to developing countries in the region at the right price. In short, our digital platform helps you acquire the medical supplies and equipment you need at the most affordable price.

We believe that solving the problems plaguing the country’s healthcare system is a collective effort. That’s why we’re continuously working to expand our list of trusted suppliers and logistics partners to help you serve your patients better. Request a quotation from us today to help elevate Philippine healthcare today.

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