The State of Healthcare in the Philippines

The State of Healthcare in the Philippines

Looking at the bigger picture, healthcare in the country is of high standards. Medical professionals in the Philippines are expertly trained. This is why there is high demand even in other countries.

To put things into perspective, the Department of Health (DOH) has an allocated budget of PHP134 billion. This is then divided among the department sub-sectors, such as public health programs, medical assistance and human resources deployment. 

However, medical facilities in the country are not as impressive as they are in high-end American or European hospitals. Private hospitals tend to be better equipped and more consistent than public hospitals. To add to this, there is a clear disparity between medical institutions in urban and rural areas. 

The main reason why hospitals in rural areas are less equipped than their urban counterparts is limited access to medical supplies. It can be challenging for health institutions based in the province to purchase all the tools and equipment they need to give patients the best care. Since the Philippines is an archipelago, it can be hard for rural hospitals to have certain medical supplies delivered to them. 

Due to inefficient procurement tools, hospital staff in rural areas find it difficult to acquire all the medical supplies they need. It is important that hospitals acquire products of excellent quality, and it is taxing to have to check for the quality of the products of various suppliers. 

To help mitigate these challenges, we at MedHyve are committed to streamline the procurement process for you. We bridge the gap of inefficiencies that hospital procurement staff go through to deliver excellent quality medical supplies to you wherever you are located in the country. Our digital platform empowers small to medium hospitals with an online medical marketspace fitted with intelligent procurement tools and dashboards, giving you the same procurement expertise as some of the largest hospitals.

Not only do we make the process of medical supply procurement easy, we also make it more affordable and reliable. We have a list of verified suppliers, enforcing that all equipment and items procured through us go through a rigorous validation process to ensure reliability. We also offer various purchasing options for you to get the medical supplies and equipment you need at the best rate available. By making the procurement of medical supplies more affordable, we help you make healthcare services more accessible to more Filipinos. 

We have various logistical partners around the country to enforce our promise that all products procured through MedHyve are of excellent quality, and delivered on time. Time is of the essence when it comes to delivering the best healthcare service. That’s why we at MedHyve are committed to elevate the status of healthcare in the country by helping hospitals throughout the country connect with the best suppliers. 

We at MedHyve believe that by helping more health institutions around the country, we can make a difference, and help more Filipinos get the service they deserve. Request a quotation from our award-winning team today to get started.

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