Three Ways MedHyve Goes Over and Beyond

Three Ways MedHyve Goes Over and Beyond

From the start, we at MedHyve have been dedicated to providing health institutions around the country with the most affordable medical equipment and supplies of excellent quality. Our award-winning digital platform helps our clients link up with the right suppliers at the right price.  

We at MedHyve are more than an online store for medical supplies. We deliver our products with purpose. Here are some of the ways we go over and beyond to provide our clients with the best products in the market:

1. We ensure that all items procured from us are from trustworthy suppliers

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Health institutions like you deserve the best quality products at the best price available. This is so you can provide your clients with the healthcare they need at an affordable price as well. We believe healthcare should be accessible to all, wherever they are in the country. That’s why we remain committed to screening our list of suppliers. 

We work hard to make sure all the products bought through our platform are legitimate and of the great quality you and the patients you care for deserve. We currently have over 3,000 products from more than 70 verified suppliers, and we’re committed to expanding our list of trustworthy suppliers ever further. Some of the brands we carry include respected brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Omron, Diversey, Ethicon, and Onepharma. We also help smaller brands reach rural areas through our AI-powered technology, helping more companies expand their networks, and reach their goals. 

2. We continuously innovate our system to help cater to our customers

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We use AI to empower our suppliers with a wider reach, and health institutions with data-powered decisions. We bridge the gap through the power of technology so smaller brands can reach rural health institutions across the country.

At the same time, we also empower small and medium hospitals with an online medical marketspace fitted with intelligent procurement tools and dashboards, giving them the same procurement expertise as some of the largest hospitals. It can be challenging for health institutions situated in rural areas to get all the medical supplies and equipment they need. We work hard to make this procurement process so much easier for all parties involved. 

3. We find ways to give you the best prices in the market

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We help you maximize your budget by providing options such as bulk pricing and group buying. Through bulk pricing, you can procure items at a large quantity with the lowest price possible. By buying medical supplies alongside other health institutions, you can get an even bigger discount. 

To add to these, we safeguard your budget by ensuring all items bought via MedHyve are of excellent quality and are delivered on time. It is imperative for health institutions like you to have everything you need to give your patients the best care possible. That’s why we work hard to support you in any way we can. 
Your health institution deserves to have all equipment and suppliers you require to give your patients the care they need. Through MedHyve, connecting with the right suppliers has never been so easy. Request a quotation from us today to get the best medical supplies you need today.

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